Imagination Learning Systems offers comprehensive hosting services to all ILS suites, whilst having high focus on customer service and experience. This service allows extended enterprises to successfully deploy ILS suites in a faster and cost effective way. Benefits offered by ILS via SaaS service includes minimal IT infrastructure, implementation or acquisition costs to run the application from the customer's side, and reduction in the length of time it takes a customer to recognize value from the software service.

ILS manages and runs the application with utmost security, performance and reliability for its customers. A team of specialized professionals take care of the technical details, allowing customers resources to focus on education and Training instead of IT infrastructure and maintenance. Customers who subscribes for hosting services have an immediate access to the new features and functionality.

As per the requirement of customers ILS also provide servers and associated infrastructure and a data center facility, ILS would propose Cloud Computing Services to take care of this requirement. All ILS Suites are offered in SaaS platform on Cloud computing.

ILS has two strategic tie-ups, one with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and other with Wipro as its cloud-computing partners. These strategic tie-ups between ILS and AWS and between ILS and Wipro provide educational entities and companies with an infrastructure web services platform in cloud.

Amazon is the world’s largest networks of web sites, serving millions of customers every month, and executing millions of transactions for its customers and sellers. Over time, Amazon has developed significant expertise in building, operating, and maintaining the worldwide infrastructure required for powering this business.

Benefits from Amazon’s and ILS Joint Expertise

  • Scalable – ILS customers can take advantage of Amazon’s massive cloud capacity and storage to build University Level applications your business demands, no matter how fast it grows or how big it gets.

  • Handling of Spikes in Usage – Because of Amazon operates at such a massive scale and because Amazon enables such a diverse group of customers, they’re able to absorb the peaks and valleys of ILS customer’s application, no matter how high or low they may be.

  • Reliable and Redundant – Amazon’s data center has been built using large amounts of commodity hardware. When one node fails, millions of other nodes pick up the slack. As a result, ILS customers gain all the benefits of an always-on and self-healing infrastructure, without ever having to configure or replace hardware.

  • Experience – Amazon has spent over a decade and over $2B running some of the world’s most scalable and sophisticated infrastructure. ILS customers can benefit from their experience of operations at massive scale.
  • Secure – Amazon uses multiple layers of operational and physical security to ensure the integrity and safety of ILS customer’s data.

Benefits from Wipro

ILS will be installing the ILS Suites on AWS Cloud and/or on Wipro cloud, and subsequently manage and maintain for its customers. However if customer specifically wants to go for a dedicated Data Center, then ILS will built the same on demand.

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