Unleash the power of Automation and integration in School Management and Administration with ease and flexibility.

Imagination Learning Systems recognized the need of increasing the accessibility of educational material, and managing schools efficiently and has developed Imagination Learning 12 (IL12), an Educational School Management Solution to deliver end-to-end process management functionality for schools. The solution enables automation of most routine administrative tasks, thus allowing for better management and reporting. IL12 deploys reliable technology and computerizes basic functions of schools.

IL12, a large web based system, featuring integrated modules that benefit all concerned parties connected to the school. This automated software system is a very high quality Student Relationship Management System and Campus ERP focused on K12 segment.

It has been as tailored as per the needs of a K12 school that it merges all departments to bring in swift procedure of operations. Depending on the scope of the project it is up and goes live in 30-90 days.

IL12 suite focuses on all processes i.e. Admissions, Fees, Academics, Accounts, Inventory & Purchase, Payroll & HR, Facilities (Fleet, Mid Day Meal, and Hostel), Events and Student & Employee Management.  

IL 12 Features

Student portal,faculty portal,parent portal, top management/director/regional office portal.

Admission Management
Admission management, student data management.

Academic Processes/Management
Time table, course curriculum, student performance management.


Learning Administration and Management
Time table, core academics, LMS - Learning Management System, exam and questions, lesson plan, results and grades.

Fees management, financial accounting.  

Materials Management
Inventory management, purchase management, asset management.

Faculty and non teaching staff data management, faculty and staff attendance & leave, payroll management ,recruitment and performance management.

Facilities Management
Library, Transport Fleet Management, Infrastructure Management, Hostel Management, Event Management. 

Automated notifications.

Benefits of IL 12

IL12 enables streamlined operations of schools, provides an easier way to enter and manage data, propagates easy and progressive parent-teacher communication, leads to efficient monitoring of students, automates all school processes, and boosts productivity by the deployment of the solution. IL 12 addresses student retention, and persistence, faculty attrition, adjunct faculty recruitment, and the need to create a consistent feel for all courses; enables instructors to teach more courses due to a decreased burden of evaluating student work; improves students’ success and students’ knowledge, and simplify the accreditation process. Most importantly, all schools benefit from being able to prove their value to various education boards, parents, students, and the public through measurable, strategic goals.

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