ILS believes in long-lasting customer relationship, and customer Support is one of the main focus areas where ILS delights its customers.

At ILS, Support is provided at Support levels known as “Tier”. Simple Support requests are to be taken care of at lower tiers, while more complicated Support requests are escalated to higher tiers. ILS offers to all of its customers a simple model of 3-tier Support .

Tier 1 Support - End User Helpdesk

Tier 1 Support provides basic IL Suites application software to users. It includes receiving Support requests, entering requests into Support tracking system, performing simple trouble-shooting, and routing Support requests to Tier 2 Support as appropriate.

Tier 2 Support - Advanced Functional Support

Tier 2 Support provides more complex Support on IL Suites application software and is usually an escalation of the Support request from Tier 1. It includes determining nature of Support request; providing advanced functional Support , and routing Support requests to Tier 3 Support as appropriate.

Tier 3 Support  - Advanced Technical Support

Tier 3 Support provides Support on complex application of IL Suites software at high end and usually involves expert system engineers who do expert level troubleshooting. It involves determining nature of Support request and route to appropriate technical Support area, providing advanced technical Support .
Once the solution is verified, it is delivered to the customer and made available for future troubleshooting and analysis.

Some of the Support services offered by ILS include :

User Call Logging
Users are given a centralized service desk telephone number/ a chat ID/an email ID on which users can log their Support calls and expect a resolution.

Application Administration Management
ILS deploys adequate resources in onsite/offsite mode for administrating and monitoring the application.

System Software Management
(JBOSS Application Server Monitoring, Management and Administration): ILS deploys adequate resources in onsite/offsite mode for administrating and monitoring the JBOSS Application Server Management.

Database Management and Administration (MySQL)
ILS deploys specialized resources in onsite/offsite mode for monitoring critical database specific attributes, which includes table space growth, space utilization of all the database files and database objects. 

Backup and Restore Management
This service covers the backup option proposed for application and Database backup / restores operations. ILS uses the built-in tools to monitor and manage the backup / restore operations.  ILS onsite team does the tape management activities (if applicable) at site with the help of backend specialists.

DR Infrastructure Capacity Planning
This service covers demand management, monitoring, analysis, tuning & implementation

DR Infra Provisioning and Management
This service covers servers, operating system, databases, IP configurations, monitoring etc.

On-going User Training/ Refresher Trainings
This would include the handling the on-going user Training issues and providing need based user Trainings or refresher Trainings by the onsite team.
Support is offered as a service and can be delivered in all manner of ways from a direct agreement to a managed service with a third party overseas vendor that will provide multi lingual and 24x7 capability, the choice is yours.  Our job is to ensure that you get what you need and right for your business.
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