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Imagination Learning Systems recognized the need of increasing the accessibility of educational material and managing institutions efficiently and so developed IL 2.0.

Imagination Learning 2.0 (IL 2.0), an Educational Institution Management Solution,delivers end-to-end process management functionality for educational institutions. The solution enables automation of most routine administrative tasks, thus allowing for better management and reporting. IL 2.0 deploys reliable technology and computerizes basic functions of educational institutions.

IL 2.0 is a web based solution, capturing the best features for higher education process administration that benefit all concerned parties connected to the educational institution. It is a very high quality Student Lifecycle Management System and Campus ERP focused on higher education segment. IL 2.0 is a configurable solution for a university or college or chain of colleges/institutes. It has been highly tailored as per the needs of higher education academic institutions. Depending on the scope of the project, it is up and goes live in 30 to 90 days. 

The IL 2.0 addresses all processes starting from admission, teaching learning process, student lifecycle management, examination handling, fees and accounting, inventory and purchasing, HR and payroll, facilities (library, fleet, hostels, events), student Training and placement processes. The IL 2.0 is ideal for growing institutions and universities that need more than manual and dis-integrated process management.

IL 2.0 Features


General portal, student portal, faculty portal, employee/staff portal, parent portal, top management portal / dashboards, alumni portal, recruiters portal.

General Portal
This portal acts as the full fledged corporate website of Institute(s) / University and provides all, open to public information to the viewer regarding the institute such as news, events, general notices, student comments, staff comments, login mechanism and further navigation menu.

Student Portal
This portal provides information to the students such as examinations, class schedules, seminars, workshops, notices and login mechanism through which student can enter in the their own personal portal.

Faculty Portal
This portal provides information to the faculty such as faculty development plans, faculty meeting schedules, examinations schedule, class schedule, seminars, workshops, notice and login mechanism through which faculty can enter in the their own personal portal.

Employee/Staff Portal
This portal provides information to the employee/staff such as employee/staff development plans, employee/ staff meetings, examination organize, class schedules, seminars, workshops, notices and login mechanism through which an employee/ staff can enter in the their own personal portal.

Parent Portal
This portal provides information regarding parents such as parent meet, examination schedules and other activity’s information. Parent portal also provides the login mechanism through which parents can see their child’s performance and other information such as his/her attendance, grade details, classes and examination schedules.

Top Management Portal / Dashboards
This portal provides information about the Key Performance Indicators of the Institutes/ Universities from management perspective, all dashboards reports from all the modules can be deployed on this portal.

Alumni Portal
This portal provides information regarding Alumni such as Alumni Meet, Alumni in News etc. Alumni can register themselves for further communication & general newsletters.

Recruiters Portal
Recruiter companies can have their own web space where they can see the performance of the students in which they are interested and also they can track whole lot of information about the institution.


University/Institute setup, accounts book setup, payroll setup, admission setup, examination setup, inventory setup. 

University/Institute Setup
This sub-module is for setting up university, institutes, programs, courses, program structure, student batching, course curriculum etc. it is also for setting up all other general masters like departments, designations, employee categories, vendors, holidays etc. There is provision of push down functionality for setting up everything centrally and then pushing the organized setup parameters across multiple colleges/institutes in one go.

Accounts Book Setup
This sub-module is for setting up of finance groups and ledgers and Chart of Accounts.

Payroll Setup
This sub-module is for setting up pay and deduction rules, employee data, pay structures etc.

Admission Setup
This sub-module is for online registration rules setup for admissions.

Examination Setup
This sub-module is for setting up exam centers, time shifts, grades, exam score contributing sub components, marks assessment criteria, programme/grade mapping, defining examination fee and roll no. configuration.

Inventory Setup
This sub-module is for setting up stores and sub stores, store master, asset deprecation rule setups, item types and item masters.

Learning Administration and Management

Time table, LMS - Learning Management System, student attendance, distance learning, student Training and placements. 

Time Table, LMS - Learning Management System
This sub-module is for creating timetables across the campus, displaying individual timetables, managing any time, room, teacher or resource conflicts.

LMS - Learning Management
This sub-module is for managing online lectures, audio - video lectures, tutorials, assignments, discussion boards and forums.

Student Attendance
This sub-module is for complete and comprehensive attendance management for students as well as for employee/staff.

Distance Learning
This sub-module is for providing Support for web-based content delivery and tracking and re-launching of a completed learning activity. Management of on-line modules consisting of e-Books, e-Monographs, e-Notes etc is also done here.

Virtual Classroom
This sub-module is for providing option for web based Virtual Classroom. Teacher can take class from anywhere and students can attend the lecture from anywhere via web-ex.

Student Training and Placements
This sub-module is for management of student Trainings such as short term courses, summer Trainings, internships etc. By automation of placement cell, recruiters can come online and post their requirements and placement cell can publish matching skills, recruiters can shortlist relevant candidates and placements can be managed.

Admission Management

Online registration, merit list management, entrance exam, enrollment handling, admission cancellation/transfers.

Online Registration
This sub-module is for prospective students where they can register themselves for programs and can upload their credentials based on which admission management process is to be triggered.

Merit List Management
This sub-module is for handling of admission category wise seats, custom rule-based short listing, counseling, and for documents verifications and admission conformation.

Entrance Exam
This sub-module is for handling online or offline entrance exams and for generating merit list based on them.

Enrollment Handling
This sub-module is for collection of fees, assignment of roll numbers and enrollment management to programs, semesters, and courses across the campus, ID card generation.

Admission Cancellation/Transfers
This sub-module is for handling admission cancellations and for transfers of students.

Examination Handling

Exam administration, student evaluations, exam and quiz, question paper management, question bank, grades and promotions. 

Exam Administration
In this sub-module there is provision to manage exam sessions, exam session calendar, time shift, exam committee, center allotment, exam centers, and exam schedule (Date Sheet) along with exam schedule approvals.

Student Evaluations

In this sub-module there is provision for evaluation through tests, assignments, quizzes, continuous group discussions, presentations, seminars etc. Term end evaluations, on-line submission of assignments, student exam attendance, answer sheet allotment, student answer sheet marks, student internal marks, student consolidated result review, student mark sheet are also handled here.

Exam and Quiz
In this sub-module there is provision to manage date sheets, detailed mark sheets and teachers can conduct online exams related to the course or to the whole program, which can be automatically graded and can be re-graded if necessary.

Question Paper Management
In this sub-module there is provision to assign question paper to multiple setters and they can create a question paper in a collaborative environment, review and merge the question papers from different setters, design question paper look as per requirement, send question paper for final approval, and finally can send question paper for printing.

Question Bank
In this sub-module there is provision to manage centralized as well as course specific question banks with multiple options of handling question types, encrypted storage of questions.

Grades and Promotions
In this sub-module there is provision to manage complete grading system for students, roll ups available for semester end, year end and program end grading systems. Handling of all kind of grading parameters via marks, percentages, grades, credits, GPA, CGPA etc and rule based student promotion configuration options have been provided here.


Fees managementexpense management, financial accounting, asset accounting, budgets, audits module, consolidation. 

Fees Management
In this sub-module complete automation to fees management process has been done. This is to create fees structures and to manage reminders and reports.

Expense Management
In this sub-module automation to AP processes has been done. This is to assign expenses to various heads / GL codes and to manage reporting.

Financial Accounting
In this sub-module there is a provision for general financial accounting, and for generation of balance sheet and profit and loss statements.

Asset Accounting
In this sub-module there is provision to manage all the assets of the institute / university and to track the assets for their NPV and lifecycle.

In this sub-module there is provision to manage department wise budget requisition work flow, cost centers, rule based budget exceptions handling etc.

Audits Module
In this sub-module there is provision to manage Audit Trails, Auditor specific reports and annexure, book locking etc.

In this sub-module there is provision to manage Multi college/institute, Multi University, multi books of a/c, consolidation of Balance sheet, P&L, cash flow/fund flow, and trail balance.

Materials Management

Inventory management, purchase and supplier management, sales Management

Inventory Management
This sub module is for complete management of inventory in store and allocations in departments/sections.

Purchase and Supplier Management
This sub module is for procurement management with approval workflow, automation to supplier/vendor management processes.

Sales Management
This sub module is for tracking and management of saleable items of the college/institute and doing the sales accounting/invoice generation. Options for having online sales store and payment gateway integration have been provided.


Recruitments, leave and attendance, payroll processing, employee performance management, separation management, Training and development.

This sub module is for handling employee recruitment process from resource requirement to employee on boarding and personnel file management.

Leave and Attendance
This sub module is for leave and attendance management, and it is a process with leave rules configuration, leave encashment and online leave approval work flow.
Attendance tracking and management, integration options with Bar code, card based, and biometric based attendance systems have been included here.

Payroll Processing
This sub module is for managing the automated payroll processing including Salary Slips, user defined income and deductions (graded pay and fix pay structures handled). Multi Institute and location processing and reporting have been provided here.

Employee Performance Management
This sub module is for appraisals management - self / superiors, evaluation by Students, increments and incentives handling has been provided here.

Separation Management
This sub module is for handling resignations, exit interviews, no dues and full and final settlements.

Training and Development
This sub module is for running Training courses for faculty and staff through the system and managing their development programs.

Statutory Compliance

Taxation, employee PF and income tax. 
In this sub-module configurable tax rules in financials - services tax, sales tax, VAT, TDS have been handled. Options for reports and formats for filing Tax returns have been provided. Also tax accounting is handled here.

Employee PF and Income Tax
In this sub-module rule based income tax and PF calculations have been handled. Options for creating reports and formats for filing returns have been provided.

Facilities Management
Library,Transport Fleet Management, Infrastructure Management, Hostel Management, Event Management. 

In this sub-module a complete and comprehensive Library Management System integrated with all other modules, has been provided.

Transport Fleet Management
This sub-module is for management of vehicles, routes, drivers, fleet related facilities etc.

Infrastructure Management
This sub-module is for management of building, class rooms, labs, conference rooms etc.

Hostel Management
This sub-module is for in-house and integrated and disintegrated hostels management, allocation of rooms to students, and has fee handling integrated with financials.

Event Management
This sub-module is for management of University level / Institute level events, enrollments to events, and for publishing results of events.


Notifications, automated notifications, collaboration.

This sub-module is for creating, managing, displaying all kind of notifications within the campus or outside the campus.

Automated Notifications
This sub-module is for email, mobile based and on-portal notifications. System Support s sending various system email notifications to learners/students and managers/teachers via any standard internet email address.

This sub-module is for discussion forums, wikis, community building, social media integration etc.

Benefits of IL 2.0

IL 2.0 enables streamlined operations, provides an easier way to enter and manage data, propagates easy and progressive parent-teacher communication, leads to efficient monitoring of students, automates business processes, and boosts productivity by the deployment of the solution.

IL addresses student retention, graduation, and persistence, faculty attrition, adjunct faculty recruitment, and the need to create a consistent feel for all courses; enables instructors to teach more courses due to a decreased burden of evaluating student work; improves students’ success and students’ knowledge and placement rates, and simplify the accreditation process.

Most importantly, all institutions benefit from being able to prove their value to accreditation agencies, parents, students, and the public through measurable, strategic goals.

Some of the critical, tangible cost saver, qualitative benefits, and ROI related benefits of IL 2.0 are as follows:

Critical Benefits

Increased Retention of Knowledge
Retention of knowledge can be increased by managed learning solutions between 25 and 60 percent (W.R. Hambrecht & Company) i.e. the student/user/trainee can remember much more of the course content. The retention of blended learning is twice as high as that of traditional classroom instruction, at half the cost (Gartner Group). IL 2.0 helps in increasing the retention of knowledge by managing learning in a blended learning framework

Monitoring and Evaluation
Learning turns out to be more effective as feedback gets more comprehensive. With IL 2.0, feedback can be given to the student/user/trainee before, during and at the end of a course through tests, quizzes or learning interactions. The progress of participants can be tracked by both learners and teachers, including performance and proof of course completion, with the results used to identify and target future Training requirements.

Decreased Hours of Instructor Led Learning
By providing world class Blended Learning Framework (IL-BLF) of in IL 2.0 which enables faster rollout of the learning material backed with consistent delivery to enable more effective self – paced learning, the hours of instructed led learning are decreased.

Quicker Ramp-Up Time for New Employees & Faculties
By Training client’s team on Institute procedures, processes, compliance materials etc using the same consistent instruction or course content each time, ILS via IL 2.0 provide quicker ramp up time for new employees and faculties. Some horrible standards and liability issues can be avoided at client site. New joiner’s performance can be made worthy in less than a week, as they only have to learn the standard processes falling under the defined role.

Standardized Curriculum across Institutes
By utilizing the Learning Management System (LMS) of IL 2.0 an institute/ college/ university can standardize their curriculum & processes across the institutes and reduce dependencies on faculty.

On-Demand Scalability
IL 2.0 adds more users and courses with the click of a mouse. It creates one course which can be used multiple times. For example, in case of the logistics when adding more classrooms or printing more study materials anytime one can add more students as per their needs.  IL 2.0 can easily handle more users/courses, interactive features.

Reduced Learning Times
IL 2.0 can reduce learning times by 40 to 60 percent .Brandon-Hall, a learning market research company, reported that Blended-learning typically requires from 40% to 60% less student’ time than the same material delivered in a traditional classroom setting. This is largely due to the appeal to different styles of learning plus interaction and feedback in a self-paced learning environment. And the blended learning feature has been provided in IL 2.0.

Content Reusability
The course curricula and assignments etc once put on the system can be used as many times as required, without any efforts of recreating it. Year on year students can get the curricula and upgraded learning material without incurring any costs and without the institute putting in any efforts by implementing IL 2.0.

Tangible Cost Saver Benefits

Fee Management
Module in IL 2.0 is designed for ease of use and flexibility, apart from saving the accounts staff's enormous amount of time spent in invoicing, data entry and financial record keeping, it can efficiently track the details of client’s past, future and current fee receipts and outstanding. The reminder and tracking engine help to reduce client’s Fee outstanding by 10 – 20% at any given point of time.

Online Notice Management System of IL 2.0 delivers 80-90% of the cost saves on over all printing cost of notices, circulars, reports, brochures and any such documentation.

The library management system provided in IL 2.0 helps in reducing the effective costs by 5- 10% on library administration by optimizing the administration and effective tracking of books, preventing the loss or damage on the books. System also helps in effectuality tracking and monitoring the over due books on students and faculty and hence additional revenue on fine collection can be a hidden benefit, fine can be calculated automatically and library members can be notified on time to time basis to pay the fine.

Fees and Financial Accounting
These modules of IL 2.0 leads to 60-70% of time save and hence cost save of accounting staff as all the accounting happens automatically through fees and purchase modules, for e.g. there is no need of performing an accounting entry if the fees is taken through the system, system will automatically create the accounting entries and affect the P&L and Balance sheet automatically. Same is true for purchase accounting.

Inventory Management
Effective tracking enabled by IL 2.0 on store and available Inventory in the institution saves 10-20% of the time of administration department. Moreover, having a central purchase department / setup would assist in greater bargaining power on consolidated requirements, to the tune of 20-30% cost optimizing opportunities.

Payroll Management
Compared to Manual system, the IL Campus ERP/IL 2.0 helps in saving 40-50% of time and hence cost in generating the payroll and associated reporting, auto checking and calculating of leaves, attendance and other transactional data that help in saving this time and resources. Hence, current work / future expansion can happen with half the staff required.

Qualitative Benefits

Effective and Streamlined Learning and Institute Management
Electronic management of user registration, course creation and deployment, record keeping, reporting and compliance provided in the IL 2.0 enables clients to control their performance outcomes.

Management Dashboard
The top management of the university/institute/school can glimpse most important information about their institute (Like Outstanding Fees, Attendance, Faculty Performance, Student Grades, Key Issues etc) in real time environment on the management dashboards provided in IL 2.0. This increases visibility across the institutes to have a better control.

Post Student-Life Management
Imagination learning empowers an institute to have a Window to maintain, forge & foster innovation through strategic alliances through various customized portals provided in IL 2.0 e.g. Alumni portal, Recruiters portal etc.

Customizable Parents View / Anytime-Anywhere Interactions & Information Availability
When parents track their child’s progress through Institution visits and teacher meetings then it becomes cumbersome for them to do so as most of them are employed. Now by introduction of IL2.0 they can find all reports of their child online.

Institute Becoming Distance Learning Enabled / Vocational Training Provisions
With IL 2.0 in place the institute can launch/enable distance learning and short term courses at any given point of time intern increasing the revenue.

IL 2.0 - Providing ROI in as Low as One Year Time Frame

Though measuring and converting Campus ERP impact into solid bottom-line results is not a widespread practice, we at ILS emphasize to justify expenditures on Campus ERP/ LMS look for forecasting potential returns based on performance impact, while also employing some assumptive and widely accepted conversion rates. This is not an easy task!! Measuring the actual impact of Campus ERP in performance and monetary terms, however, is well within reach. ROI can be measured based on few of the tangible & intangible benefits.

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