Unleash the power of Automation and Integration in Pre-School Management and Administration, provide real-time information to parents with speed and ease.

Imagination Learning Systems recognized the need of increasing the accessibility of educational material, and managing pre-schools efficiently and has developed Imagination Learning PreK (ILpreK), a Pre-School Management Solution to deliver end-to-end process management functionality for pre schools. The solution enables automation of most routine administrative tasks, thus allowing for better management and reporting. ILpreK deploys reliable technology and computerizes basic functions of pre schools.

ILpreK, is a web based system, has features that benefit all concerned parties connected to the preschool. It has been especially tailored as per the needs of a preschool giving the best software solution for complete automated integration of all departments. Depending on the scope of the project it is up and goes live in 30-45 days.

ILpreK suite focuses on all processes i.e. Admissions, Fees, Academics, Accounts, Inventory & Purchase, Payroll & HR, Facilities (Fleet, Mid Day Meal, and Day Care), Events and Student & Employee Management.

ILpreK Features

Parent Portal, Management Portal / Dashboard, Employee Portal and Alumni Portal.

Parent Portal
Parent portal is a window where the parent through the login mechanism can view his/her child’s information such as curriculum planner, event planner, meal menu, parent’s suggestion box, student picture gallery and other activities information. Parent portal will display general and school information related to student such as:

  • Profile : It displays student’s personal information.
  • Kid Book : It displays student achievements and progress report.
  • Gallery : It displays child’s picture albums and videos of their kids.
  • Schedule : Parents can view the curriculum planner, event planner and meal menu of their kids.
  • Interact : Parents are provided with mail box and suggestion box.

Teacher Portal (Optional)
Teacher portal provides the information about the teacher, customized as per their roles, such as class schedule, announcements, notices, leave & attendance reports, student performance and login mechanism through which teacher will enter in the their own personal portal. Teacher portal displays various information related to teachers such as:

  • My Attendance : Teacher’s real time attendance on their portal.
  • My Schedule and Time Table : The time table and other schedule on teacher’s portal.
  • Student Activities/Achievement/Behavior : Teachers can view student’s related information.
  • Course curriculum : Availability of the curriculum for any class to the teacher.
  • Apply for Leave : Leave application of teachers can be submitted and sent for desired approval (if any).

CEO/ Branch Head/Top Management Portal
Top management portal provides information about the Key Performance Indicators of the schools from management perspective such as:

  • Performance Reports : It displays student performance report, staff performance report, notices and information etc.
  • Admission related : Seats available vs. Applicants Reporting (School wise and Class wise), Average Academics Score of Applicants (School wise and Class wise) etc, Number of Admissions happened over a duration across schools.
  • Financials Related : Income portfolio of the Schools (Drill down and year wise trends), Total Fee Due an on date (School level and drill to student level), Budgeted vs. expense (School level drill down to expense head), Asset Portfolio (School wise drill down to asset level) etc.

Admission Management

Complete automation of admissions, document verification & enrollment and Student Data Management.
In this sub-module complete automation of admissions, document verification and enrollment has been done.

Student Data Management
This sub-module covers analysis of the student on the basis of health record, academic record, and complete entry and exit processes of student.

Academic Management

Time Table, Course Curriculum and Student Performance Management.

Time Table and Resource Management
This sub-module covers tracking of available classrooms and teachers while creating a new timetable. It is for preparing time table for whole session for all the classes. There is also a provision to make required amendments in already created timetable on a particular date.

Course Curriculum and Student Performance Management
It is for displaying the planned course curriculum for each class.

Student Performance Management
It is for defining progress criteria, grade scheme for student performance evaluation to prepare consolidated session review for each student.

Materials Management

Inventory Management, Purchase Management and Asset Management.

Assets Management
This sub-module covers fixed assets management, asset acquisition and buildup, asset classifications, physical verification management, asset warranty / AMC management, assignment to cost centers / departments, deprecation methods and NPV calculations, integrated with accounts, purchase and inventory, maintenance records with expenses, reports and dashboards.

Inventory Management
This sub-module covers central store per school, item masters, issuance of inventory and tracking, integration of purchase and accounts, stock master data, order processing, and reports.

Purchase Management
This sub-module covers vendor / supplier management, purchase requisitions and approvals, purchase / work order management, receipts to central store, integration of inventory and accounts payable.

Financial Management

Fees Management
Fees Management, Expense Management, Financial accounting, Asset Accounting, Budgets, Statutory Compliances, Audit Module and Consolidation.
This sub-module covers complete automation of fees management processes, fees structures creation and management of reminders and reports are done here.

Financial Accounting
This sub-module covers integrated general financial accounting, balance sheet, profit and loss statements, monthly receipts and payment statements, proposed and approved and utilized budget reports, cash flow/fund flow statements Financial Accounting .


Recruitments, Leave and attendance, Payroll Processing, Employee Performance Management and Separation Management.

Faculty and Non-Teaching Staff Data Management
This sub-module covers detailed profiles of teachers & staff including details of their entry & exit. Reminders to HR related to faculty and staff for critical events such as increments, promotions due etc are also handled here.

Faculty and Staff Attendance and Leave
This sub-module covers maintenance of attendance information for specific date range or on daily, monthly and yearly basis with integrated leave management system.

Payroll Management
This sub-module covers payroll management, which includes salary slips, user defined income and deductions, tax and statutory compliance, Multi School and location processing and reporting.

Recruitment and Performance Management
This sub-module covers need generation of job vacancies, short listing eligible candidates and offering job letters. Performance appraisal done on the basis of defined criteria and rating schemes are also managed here.

Facilities Management

Transport Fleet Management, Day Care Management, Event Management, Library Management and Infrastructure Management.

Day Care Management
This sub-module covers basic automation of day care management processes like maintaining day care details, assigning day care facility to students, warden processes, day care fees handling etc.

Event Management
This sub-module covers an automated and customized system to plan and for online implementation of small and big events like annual day, summer camp, etc.

Fleet Management
This sub-module covers management of vehicles, routes, drivers, mapping vehicles to routes, fleet booking and other fleet related activities.


Email, Mobile based and On-portal Notifications.

Automated Notifications
This sub-module covers email, mobile based and on-portal notifications.

Benefits of ILpreK

ILPreK makes academic administration and school management at ease. It enhances parent-teacher communication, leads to efficient monitoring of students, and automates pre school processes, along with enhancing the productivity.
It automates the academic and non-academic processes taking place at pre schools by managing various resources at preschool. Non academic processes related to HR, Finance etc are also well managed by it.
Pre schools can prove their value to various education and child care bodies, parents, students, and the public through deployment of this solution.
Some of the tangible cost saver, qualitative benefits, and ROI related benefits of ILPreK are as follows

Tangible Cost Saver Benefits

Fee Management
Module in ILPreK is designed for ease of use and flexibility, apart from saving the accounts staff's enormous amount of time spent in invoicing, data entry and financial record keeping, it can efficiently track the details of client’s past, future and current fee receipts and outstanding. The reminder and tracking engine help to reduce client’s Fee outstanding by 10 – 20% at any given point of time.

Online Notice Management System of ILPREK delivers 80-90% of the cost saves on over all printing cost of notices, circulars, reports, brochures and any such documentation.

Fees and Financial Accounting
These modules of ILPreK leads to 60-70% of time save and hence cost save of accounting staff as all the accounting happens automatically through fees and purchase modules, for e.g. there is no need of performing an accounting entry if the fees is taken through the system, system will automatically create the accounting entries and affect the P&L and Balance sheet automatically. Same is true for purchase accounting.

Inventory Management
Effective tracking enabled by ILPreK on store and available Inventory in the institution saves 10-20% of the time of administration department. Moreover, having a central purchase department / setup would assist in greater bargaining power on consolidated requirements, to the tune of 20-30% cost optimizing opportunities.

Payroll Management
Compared to Manual system, the IL Campus ERP/ILPreK helps in saving 40-50% of time and hence cost in generating the payroll and associated reporting, auto checking and calculating of leaves, attendance and other transactional data that help in saving this time and resources. Hence, current work / future expansion can happen with half the staff required.

Qualitative Benefits

Effective and Streamlined Learning and School Management
Electronic management of user registration, course creation and deployment, record keeping, reporting and compliance provided in the ILPreK enables clients to control their performance outcomes.

Management Dashboard
The top management of the university/institute/school can glimpse most important information about their institute (Like Outstanding Fees, Attendance, Faculty Performance, Student Grades, Key Issues etc) in real time environment on the management dashboards provided in ILPreK. This increases visibility across the institutes to have a better control.

Customizable Parents View / Anytime-Anywhere Interactions & Information Availability
When parents track their child’s progress through Institution visits and teacher meetings then it becomes cumbersome for them to do so as most of them are employed. Now by introduction of ILPreK they can find all reports of their child online.

ILPreK - Providing ROI in as low as One Year Time frame

Though measuring and converting Campus ERP impact into solid bottom-line results is not a widespread practice, we at ILS emphasize to justify expenditures on Campus ERP/ LMS look for forecasting potential returns based on performance impact, while also employing some assumptive and widely accepted conversion rates. This is not an easy task!! Measuring the actual impact of Campus ERP in performance and monetary terms, however, is well within reach. ROI can be measured based on few of the tangible & intangible benefits.

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