In ILS, in last few years, a lot is achieved through dedication, hard work and professionalism…we have best of the systems now, best of the people and best of the processes…. But a lot needs to be still achieved through more dedication, more hard work and more professionalism….so that we have the best amongst the best systems, best amongst the best people and best amongst the best processes.

Amar Vir
Executive Director, Imagination Learning Systems

We, at ILS, believe in value creation and all our endeavors would have an inherent value built in it. All stake holders, be it - our customers, employees, investors - would swear by our ingenious products/ services/methodologies, that help deliver value to all.

Chittesh Maheshwari
Executive Director
Imagination Learning Systems

At ILS we deliver best architecture, requirements, and design emerged via collaborative efforts. Moreover, the focus here is on simplicity--the art of maximizing the amount of work not done.

Brajendra Singh
AVP-Projects & Resource Management
Imagination Learning Systems

We are a Company which is leading the charge on innovation by providing learning leaders with exciting new tools to drive organizational effectiveness. ILS provides expertise over Cloud computing to enable cost effective on-demand infrastructure to power your applications, from hosted internal applications to SaaS offerings, Leveraging scalable database solutions, High server availability with low maintenance and seamless Disaster recovery framework.

Avadhesh Choudhary
AVP – Systems & Solutions, Imagination Learning Systems

All we needed a core functionality to house, manage, assign, track and report about business critical processes, alongwith the front end just as important, particularly because of the user group we are catering to. I belive we achived it to a greater extent.

Sumit Saini
AVP - Systems, Imagination Learning Systems

My experience with Imagination Learning System is most unusual and incredible. The features of their ILpreK product are so amazing that when I saw them for the first time, the client in me said 'WOW'. Going through all the stages of 'AS-IS of the preschool' to the 'TO – BE as per the system', customizations, implementation, trainings and the first trip to 'Go – Live' was a remarkable episode. Everything is so well designed and planned that looking into a loop hole is next to impossible. The most unusual thing that happened is that, ILpreK - Preschool Management Software and the hard-working and cooperative team of ILS motivated me to be part of the team from being a client. Last 6 months in this organization has proved that the decision is justified. ILS offerings are an added advantage that can really organize the education sector, and that is our motive behind it.

Nidhi Arora
Ex-Client (Aadyant Global School) and Now Business Manager, Imagination Learning Systems

Being a flat organization ILS provides a massive learning environment, where we collaborate in the most effective manner to continuing updating our software with the latest technologies. We use the latest framework for advance development of our systems to reduce maintenance cost and development time. Our issue tracking and resolving system is the best in the industry making our implementations and after sales service timely.

Dilip Diwakar
Manager - Systems, Imagination Learning Systems

My aim was to always work with an organization where I could not only use the present techniques but also learn about the upcoming challenges with each technology advancement, and ILS has always been striving to be in the forefront of technology.

Nirmal Kumar Yadav
Manager - Systems, Imagination Learning Systems

Imagination Learning System's top priority is to provide solutions that help us to achieve our educational & learning goals quickly and assists in tracking student activity end to end, without any additional costs or hassles. We work diligently as a team to help Institutions to operate effectively & efficiently as much as possible. At ILS we strive to provide maximum value with high quality, in a cost-effective and results-oriented manner.

Akhalesh Yadav
Manager – Quality, Imagination Learning Systems

Empowering education and catering the education sector through innovative ERP packages on cloud with versatile features in their product range that nurture and raises the quality of education delivery by improvising in management skills of an organization. All this makes ILS the most desired organization to tie up with.

Saharsh singh dadhwal
Implementation Analyst, Imagination Learning Systems

It is continuing as a wonderful experience being with ILS. One thing that can be said about our product offering IL2.0, currently used by MMYVV University is that the product is famous in the whole of Madhya Pradesh. MMYVV University has almost 740 institutes that are spread all over MP. IL2.0. has integrated all their institutes on one dashboard. All departments such as Admissions, Finance Management, Exam Management, Communication, etc. are being very easily handled by our system. The reduced paper work at MMYVV justifies Imagination Learning System; a chain of GREEN MISSION.

Ankit Vyas
Implementation Analyst, Imagination Learning Systems

I always wanted to work with an organization which would develop me not just as an employee of a particular domain (HR) but would also brought out & develop my multi tasking abilities. At Imagination Learning Systems (ILS) I felt & found that every effort is made to develop & make multi-skilled professionals. Employment relationships are valued as like that of partnerships & each employee is treated as a member of the family. I would like to thank ILS for including me in ILS family, being in which I learnt, am learning & will be learning a lot...

Jyoti Suhag
HR Analyst, Imagination Learning Systems

ILS as a team has both deep and broad knowledge and experience to provide best offerings to the Education domain. We have delivered many projects successfully yet we're flexible enough to offer individualized services that meet the unique needs. These tailored solutions, in combination with our customized ERP and relationship management approach helps Institutions to achieve sustained results, consistent & repeatable outcomes with minimal working interruption.

Arun Pachauri
Executive – Quality, Imagination Learning Systems

As an organization, ILS provides the right blend of challenges and opportunities which help in the growth of individuals. Here I have not just received great support from everyone, but also learnt how to get my career on a growth path that leads to a promising future. It also provides and enabling environment where we can contribute our best, and allow our dreams and aspirations to take wing.

Vorish Varshney
Sr. Executive Systems, Imagination Learning Systems

Rising together as a small family with the dream to carve out a niche for our self in this Big IT world, with the zeal to shine, is what ILS all about. In this family we have had the days of keeping our fingers crossed for new projects, working through it day and night to meet deadlines. Days of celebration of successful delivery of projects, when the expression of ecstasy washed away the marks of fatigue from everyone's face. These moments will always be cherished in our hearts like the memories of our precious childhood, the days when we started toddling, used to fall, then get up and start walking again with the zeal to run.

Nitika Kumari
Executive Systems, Imagination Learning Systems

It is delightful to me being able to express through these lines my gratitude towards the company for letting me work in this wonderful Organization. During the time i developed my job, i have been able to observe the adequate working conditions that the company has set up and that have allowed me to accomplish the objectives for which i was hired.
Also i would like to reiterate my wish for rendering my services in future, giving to the successful experience.

Sidharth Gambhir
Executive Trainee - Creative Design, Imagination Learning Systems

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